HP Officejet Pro 8710 (All-In-One Printer)


hp officejet pro 8710HP officejet pro 8710 all-in-one printer makes your digitizing process easier and offers  everything to run an office at an affordable cost. HP officejet pro 8170 comes with wired(Ethernet), wireless, wifi-direct and USB connection. HP officejet pro 8710 offers enormous mobile printing options that makes you print seamlessly. It has HP eprint, HP smart, HP eprint mobile app, print solution for android and kindle devices, and apple airprint that makes it smarter.

HP Officejet Pro 8710 Complete Set up Guide & Driver Installation Support

HP officejet pro 8710 driver

  • Installing the printer via USB connection and a basic driver doesn’t include an additional HP software.
  • Don’t connect the USB cable to the printer until the instructions are given.
  • If the USB cable was connected previously, it is better to disconnect.
  • Download the basic HP officejet pro 8710 driver at support.hp.com/drivers.
  • Open the .exe file, extract and click run.
  • Select yes if it prompts to allow changes to your computer.
  • Make sure HP officejet pro 8170 is set up and turned on before clicking continue.
  • Select the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions and then select next.
  • The basic driver will be installed on your computer. Select manual setup option and click next.
  • To select the network connection type, select USB and then click next.
  • Connect the square end of the USB cable to the printer and flat end to the USB port on your computer.
  • The device is connected and driver installation completes.
  • Respond to the remaining instructions to complete the installation process.

How to scan HP officejet pro 8710 to computer

Scanning with HP easy scan:

  • HP easy scan lets you to scan and also edit the photos or documents from the HP printer to your Mac computer.
  • HP scan is available on the app store or installed with HP easy start.
  • Lift the scanner lid on your Hp Officejet pro 8170 printers and place the document or photo print side down on the scanner glass.
  • Follow the markings on your scanner bed for better placement.
  • Close the lid. On your Mac computer, open the finder.
  • On the menu bar, click Go and then click applications.
  • Double click HP easy scan.
  • Click the dropdown menu and select your printer.
  • Now, Click the drop-down menu next to presets, and select the scan job type from the list and click scan.
  • If you have additional pages to scan, load the new page and click scan next item, or else click done.
  • Click the thumbnail of the scanned file or photo to display the scanned image.
  • If required, click Edit to adjust colors, resize or straighten the scan.
  • To save your scans to a folder on the mac, click send and select folder..
  • Select the destination where you want to save your scan and click save.

HP Officejet Pro 8710 setup

HP printers are loaded with a huge number of printing options to make our tasks so easier. HP Officejet Pro 8710 software and driver enables you to install numerous applications to print anywhere at any time. Hp has given another printing option for android devices to print through OTG cable.

Before printing using an OTG cable, make sure the following requirements are satisfied.

  • Check whether your printer model supports printing through OTG cable.
  • Make sure the printer hardware is setup.
  • OTG printing supports from Android 4.0 (KitKat) or later.
  • HP plugin should be installed on your device.
  • You must have both the OTG cable and USB cable to satisfy the requirements.

Connecting OTG cable to your android device:

  • Connect the OTG cable to your printer and the android device.
  • Make sure your printer is turned on.
  • Connect the Micro-USB pin to the port of your android device.
  • An HP service plugin will be displayed on the android device.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to download the plugin.
  • Now your printer is ready to print from your android device.
  • For detailed instructions, you can download Hp Officejet pro 8710 manual from the official website.