Hp Envy 7640


hp envy 7640HP Envy 7640 is designed in such a way that even an addition of document feeder hardware does not affect the Envy’s design language. This all-in-one printer can send and receive fax and also can scan a document which cannot be scanned using a traditional scanner. These features make this printer very unique. Let’s see below how to easily set up the printer and also install the HP Envy 7640 driver with ease.

HP Envy 7640 Complete Set up Guide & Driver Installation Support

HP Envy 7640 Wireless Setup
  1. Remove the printer from the box and connect the power cord to a power outlet
  2. Once the printer is connected to a power source, switch on the printer
  3. The touch interface of the printer boots up. Using touch interface open settings menu
  4. Inside the settings menu, you will find network settings
  5. Now in network settings select the network in which your PC or mobile is connected in
  6. Once the network name is selected you will be prompted to enter the network password.

HP Envy 7640 Setup

Setting up this printer is effortless, and can be done by following the steps below.


  1. After the wifi connection is established, all you have to do is download the HP smart app, this installs the required HP Envy 7640 driver.
  2. HP smart app is available on all the major APP stores like windows store, Google play store, and app store in IOS devices.
  3. Download the HP smart app on the device through which you wish to wirelessly send the document to be printed in your HP Envy 7640.
  4.  Also make sure that the PC/mobile and the printer are connected in the same network.
  5. After the HP smart app is installed in your device, Create an HP Account.
  6. Once the HP account is logged in, the HP smart app detects the presence of HP Envy 7640 printer in the network and adds the printer.
  1. If by any means, HP smart app pop-ups a Password request then you can find that password in a label stuck in the printer.
  2. Post this your printer will be added in your HP account and also the required HP Envy 7640 driver will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  3. HP smart app is the only software required to use your printer’s wireless printing capabilities.
  4. Now to utilize the fax capability, all you have to do is to connect your printer with the Landline connection.
  5.  You can send a fax by using the send fax option in the menu option present in the touch interface of the printer
  6. Once you open the send fax option, you will have a keypad popup on the touch screen to input the recipient’s FAX number.
  7.  The document feeder automatically feeds and scans the document in the feeder tray and sends it through the fax.

HP Envy 7640 Manual

User Manual for HP Envy 7640 can be found in the box of the printer where you can find all the instructions on how to use this Printer. In case if you have missed the Manualthen follow the below steps to find the same


  1. Open HP’s official website and find the search bar where you need to search for HP Envy 7640. 
  2. In the results select the Printer. A page will open where you need to select Manual
  3. You can easily download the manual on this page.

HP Envy 7640 Offline

This is a very common and easy to rectify error if the steps below are followed.

  1. Check the connectivity of the printer and the PC and try resetting the router and also consider restarting the printer and PC as a simple restart may rectify most of the common issues.
  2. Check for OS update or the printer’s driver update manually and make sure all the drivers installed are the latest version and never forget to give a good restart after the update.
  3. Always check and clear the printing queue using the printer option.